Things that make me nervous

Going through the drive-thru

Opening bottles of champagne

Parking in tight spaces

Things that make me sad

Old people eating alone at restaurants

Unrequited love (most notably Snape’s love for Lily Evans)

Any song by Bon Iver. Ever.

Things that fascinate me

Family dynamics

The human body

Foreign languages

Things that anger me

Slow walkers

Being condescended/patronized, witnessing other people be condescended/patronized

People in the car behind me riding my bumper

Things that bore me

Insurance (sorry, Dad)

Makeup tutorials

Video games

Things that make me cry

Puppies and children playing together

Talent shows (my body’s reaction to the deep discomfort I feel is for my eyes to water. EVERY TIME.)

Inspirational sports dramas of any kind

Things that make me laugh

The Office, New Girl

Fart jokes

People at red lights when they think nobody is watching

Things that scare me


Natural disasters


Things that make/have made me ugly sob (AKA Things that turn/have turned me into a red-faced troll)

Asthma attacks

Enriched Physics homework (ah, high school memories)

The following films: Lion, Remember the Titans, Up

Things that make my heart swell

Gospel choirs

People caring for sick family members


Things that disgust me

The taste of cilantro




cosas (Spanish)

věci (Czech)

mambo (Swahili)

Things I wish I could do

Play guitar

Understand the economy


Things I can do

Messy buns

Brew good, strong coffee

Eat so fast I become short of breath

Things that knock me out

Every 12 hr shift I have ever worked (after which eating fast and consequently becoming short of breath OFTEN occurs)

Road trips


Things that annoy me

Poorly mixed salads

“Someday you’ll find someone so SO SOOO SOOOOOOOO special”

Incorrect spelling of your/you’re and their/they’re/there

Things that make me turn red



Uncomfortable or forced situations (whether I am involved or observing from afar – Sympathetic blushing is my game)

Things I can talk about for hours

Music I have been listening to

Places I want to visit, places I’ve been


Things I don’t care about

The Kardashians

Whatever you’re humble bragging about

Pizza calories

Things I do care about

Your “Things” lists (please share)

That funny or odd thing that happened to you the other day

How much water you’re drinking



Granite counter-tops



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