The sounds of seasons



Bubble burst: I don’t actually love spring that much. It’s rainy and mushy and is undoubtedly the hormonal teenager of the seasons, mood swings and all. BUT… BUT BUT BUUUUUT: spring means winter is OVER (save the occasional class A Chicago fake-out, such as when I mistakenly chose to “run” a 10k on April 9, 2016, a day that “should be” warm but turned out to be wintry AS HAIL (pun intended) – complete with wipe-outs, misery, and muscle cramps.)

Sure, we all still have to pay bills and go to work and basically nothing changes, EXCEPT THAT IT IS ALMOST KIND-OF SORT-OF SUMMER. Spring is the assurance of a summer to come, which is enough for me. The sun shines a little more, and as the vitamin D maneuvers its way into everybody’s system, the general mood picks up in a way it hasn’t since Christmastime.

Spring means my dad will no longer be the only person north of the Mason-Dixon Line wearing shorts outside.

Spring means I try to spend more time in the great outdoors. This involves thinking of going on walks more. OH, hah. No, I don’t ever actually GO on them, but I think of walking outside more often, and that’s something.

Spring means you can actually hang out with people OUTSIDE.  Like, have picnics and take walks (again, both things I never do, but they sound nice). In my case, you play soccer with some friends and a bunch of 10 year olds and pull so many muscles that you can barely walk the next day at work when you’re required to be on your feet for ~12 hours. SO MUCH PAIN. But let’s look on the bright side here – while poor in athletic ability and stamina (I BLAME MY ASTHMA), I am now richer in humility and bruises. I tell myself that while each year I become less energized and lose agility, I get WISER (??) so I’m actually winning in the grand scheme of things. (I use altruistic, positive self talk statements to avoid motivating myself to get in shape, try it sometime)

The winter blues tend to get the best of me each year, and this year, while still settling into my career and maneuvering my way around some roadblocks, the blues drove me to more Netflix binges and lazy days than I’d like to admit. This means the contrast between my winter-self and spring-self is projected to be even starker.


When winter ends, I sort of become an insanely ambitious, excited, bordering-on-crazy person. Everything is a song. Random dancing will surely ensue. Want to play sports? SURE I LOVE SPORTS LETS PLAY ALL THE SPORTS. I should pick up piano again. I need to ACTUALLY write that book I’ve dreamed of writing! I must start actively employing my 2-year plan to prepare for my future dog. TAXES? DONE. I should buy an entire new wardrobe and get a drastic haircut and make DIY decorations for no reason at all. I haven’t called my far away relatives in a long time, OH MY GOSH WHY HAVEN’T I CALLED THEM? Also why haven’t I picked up kick boxing or learned how to play the guitar or brewed my own beer? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?

Weeeeeell, I’ve been undergoing the nightly buzz of NyQuil and Mucinex while I watch endless episodes of Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Ah yes, … that. Seems that my immune system didn’t welcome the seasonal change as openly as the rest of me did.

I shouldn’t need spring to come along to kick start me into a more productive and happier place. Yet, each year, I find myself feeling the same way.

In an adieu to winter and hello to non-winter, I created short playlists of songs that make me feel winter or feel summer (or the promise of summer). Because in my opinion, music is the best way to describe and invoke sentiment. Me in the winter is no worse than me in the spring. I just….am, in the same way that melancholy ballads are no worse and no better than vibrant anthems. Both are beautiful, and honestly putting winter to music makes me hate it less. So, here you go.


If You Wait by London Grammar

The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Long Way From Home by The Lumineers

England by The National

I Found by Amber Run

Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

The Funeral by Band of Horses

Made of Stone by Matt Corby

Bones  by MSMR

Timshel by Mumford and Sons


Hold the Line by Broods

Still by Seinabo Sey

White Flag by Joseph

Radio by The Royal Concept

Punching in a Dream by The Naked and Famous

Time Turned Fragile by Motion City Soundtrack

Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy

Welcome Home by Radical Face

We Are the Kids by Walk the Moon

Mess is Mine by Vance Joy

Happy spring to you!


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