Steep in THIS nonsense

I don’t get why people like tea. I think the stuff tastes like how I imagine urine would taste.  I know tea has healthful properties and it is integral to certain cultures around the world. That’s why I’ve earnestly tried to be a person who likes tea. Multiple times. Result: I still hate it.

At this point, I think I should just stop, because if I ever were to travel somewhere where tea-time participation was expected of me, I could just have hot water, because I honestly think people would rather me just sip the water than have to look at me make this face for an hour


One thing I hate about tea is that I feel like it is ALWAYS too hot. I never have problems with hot cocoa and coffee and apple cider cooling down after a reasonable amount of time, but I feel like even if I left a mug of tea out on my porch overnight in January and took a swig, it would still go down like lava.

I realize that there is NO scientific accuracy in the previous paragraph but it is how I feel

& when I burn my tongue because I prematurely sip a hot beverage (and then deal with sandpaper tongue for a week), I get angry at myself. It’s this seething frustration that simmers inside, a rage with a magnitude that always surprises me a little. It’s the same ire I feel when people say gluten is bad for you (ESPECIALLY if I’m eating gluten when they say it). You understand.

Tea makes me angry and tastes like pee. So, frankly, I’m done with it.

In other news,

today I realized I don’t actually fix things in my living spaces, I just adapt to their malfunctioning state. My mom called me in to the bathroom that only my sister and I use on the reg, and I find her standing on a chair changing the bulb in the light fixture.

Mom: “I realized this light hasn’t been working, so I’m fixing it. How long has it been like this?”
(okay first of all how did YOU realize it wasn’t working… you’re in here like once every month)
Me: *as if my response were normal* “Ummm like six months.”
Mom: “WHAAAAAT? Why didn’t you do anything?”
Me *thinking*: Well, if you really want to know, I don’t think it really makes much of a difference if you pee in the dark or pee with a light on. I can find the toilet paper either way. I haven’t really missed it. Also, I forgot.
Me *talking*: “I don’t know. I just didn’t.”

This is a recurring theme in my life. I had NO idea what I looked like my first two months of nursing school on the mornings that I went to clinical (had to get up before the sun), because the bathroom light was out and the only mirror we had was in that tiny box  room. I got ready in the pitch black for two months straight, simply because I didn’t contact university maintenance to come have it fixed. I’ve done this on several occasions with much more than light-bulbs, and it was only today that this pattern of mine dawned on me.

Bottom line: I don’t fix things, I just adapt to them being broken and make it my new normal. Hey, I’m adaptable! That’s a good thing, right?!!?! ……right…?

I also discovered TODAY. Yes, TOO-DAY that Ryan Reynolds was once married to Scarlett Johansson, and I know these details about celebrities that I don’t personally know (HAHA as opposed to celebrities that I DO personally know? HAHA. Ha.) really shouldn’t affect me, but that just kind of rocked my world, you know? Like HOW DID I MISS THAT? HOW? That was SOOOO 2008. And by “SOOOO 2008” I mean it ACTUALLY occurred in 2008. 8 years ago. I know this because I looked it up immediately after discovering this life altering information.

I also realized TODAY that pretty much all my blog-posts start with “I,” and I thought “*GASP* I mean, it is my blog, but SHOOT, does that make me a narcissist?” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still concerned about that.

Sometimes I wonder if people question my sanity when they read my blog… Like, do I sound like a crazy person when I write? I mean, not that people thinking I’m insane would stop me from writing this or anything, but I just wonder.

You just spent roughly (depending on how quickly you read) 4 minutes reading absolute nonsense from my nonsensical brain. But I spent much longer than 4 minutes writing it…. so who is the real loser here?

Me. It’s me.

Have a beautiful evening.


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